Will Ainsworth calls Twinkle Cavanaugh ‘tax-loving lobbyist,’ as she calls him ‘desperate’


Guntersville-Republican State Rep. and Lt. Governor-hopeful Will Ainsworth took to the airways ahead of the holiday weekend with a new ad calling out his opponent Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh.

Titled “Shooting Straight,” the 30 second spot claims Cavanaugh, the current Chair of the Public Service Commission and former Chair of the Alabama Republican Party, is a “career politician.”

“Career politician. Bureaucrat. Special interest lobbyist. Twinkle even supported the largest tax increase in Alabama history. Twinkle Cavanaugh, another tax-loving lobbyist bureaucrat turned career politician,” the ad asserts.

But Cavanaugh is pushing back, calling Ainsworth’s attacks in the final week before the primary “desperate.”

“State legislator Will Ainsworth has done this before,” Cavanaugh said. “He attacked President Trump in the same dishonest manner when his candidate for President was failing. Just last week, Rep. Ainsworth even attacked Governor Ivey and tweeted out a disgusting photoshopped picture of the Governor covered in blood. He’s trailing in the polls by a huge margin, so now he’s desperate.”

Cavanaugh is referring to the fact when Donald Trump was running for President, Ainsworth called him “a con artist,” a “liberal,” and “not a conservative,” said that Trump’s campaign for President was “a ridiculous act,” and even declared that President Trump needs to be stopped.

Ainsworth Trump Comments
Ainsworth’s comments on Trump as seen in a 2016 Alabama Reporter article.

“I’m calling on state legislator Will Ainsworth to immediately apologize to President Trump and Governor Ivey. What he’s said about both of them is just plain wrong,” concluded Cavanaugh.


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