ALGOP censures PSC candidate James Bonner for questionable social media posts, interviews

Jim Bonner 2
[Photo Credit: Jim Bonner for PSC Place 1]
Terry Lathan, and the Alabama Republican Party are having none of it.
The ALGOP Chairwoman issued a statement on Tuesday night, condemning and censuring Public Service Commissioner Place 1 candidate, James “Jim” Bonner‘s opinions, expressed on his radio show, and on social media.
“The Alabama Republican Party Candidate Committee voted unanimously to publicly censure and strongly condemn Mr. Jim Bonner, candidate for Public Service Commission, Place 1,” said Lathan in the release. “Mr. Bonner’s recent comments on his social media as well as radio shows are not condoned by the Alabama Republican Party. Mr. Bonner is welcome to his opinions and his first amendment right of free speech. The Alabama Republican Party is welcome to our opinion as well, and we reject the egregious comments Mr. Bonner continues to spew.”
“Furthermore, the ALGOP Candidate Committee unanimously urges Republican voters in the June 5 primary to NOT cast votes for Jim Bonner for the Public Service Commission, Place 1.”
Bonner has been under constant criticism for a series of “questionable” posts on social media calling him anti-Semitic and racist.
“In post after post, Bonner seems to revel in racist, sexist and anti-semite comments, but this has dampened his support among those who think he is someone he’s not,” wrote APR.
Despite all of this, Bonner is doing fairly well in polls, particularly in Mobile and surrounding areas. He shares a last name with retired Congressman Jo Bonner, and because of the popularity of the Bonner family name, Jim Bonner is seeing some success.
Bonner faces off against Jeremy Oden in the June 5 primary.


  1. I might take a PSC member who’s a racist misogynist if he actually worked for the long term common wealth and not the utilities…

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