Alabama leaders react to Kay Ivey arming school administrators


In the wake of school shootings across the county, Gov. Kay Ivey took precautionary action on Wednesday by announcing a new plan that provides for an additional security measure in schools that do not have a School Resource Officer (SRO).

The new Alabama Sentry Program will permit administrators in schools, without an SRO, to maintain a firearm on campus in a secured safe in order to be prepared to respond to an active shooter situation only after the administrator successfully complete training created and certified by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).

Several Alabama lawmakers have voiced their opinions on the new program.

Here are some of Alabama’s reaction’s to the new Alabama Sentry Program:

Attorney General Steve Marshall:

“I share Governor Ivey’s concerns that every effort be made to ensure that all Alabama’s schools have the ability to protect our children by quickly responding to threats to their safety,” said Marshall.

“Under the voluntary Sentry Program, specially trained administrators in schools without SROs will be ready to meet armed intruders with lethal force in order to defend students, faculty, staff and visitors.

“I appreciate Governor Ivey allowing my office to review her new Sentry Program and believe it represents an effective way to bolster school safety in every community.

Guntersville-Republican State Rep. Will Ainsworth:

Public Service Commission President, Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh:

State Board of Education member, Mary Scott Hunter voiced her opinion on Dale Jackson’s show:

“It’s a good first step,” said Hunter. “I think that she (Ivey) should’ve been stronger in this interview on the deterrent aspect of it and that we don’t have SRO’s in every school; and we need somebody armed in every school. I don’t like the term resource officer, I think the term should be school security officer because we’re really concerned right now about security.”