Voters show confidence in opposed GOP incumbents by renominating all 15 candidates

Alabama State House
Photo Credit: AL House Republicans

All 15 incumbents up for re-nomination to the State House who faced opposition on the primary ballot won their races in Alabama Tuesday.

Monrovia-Republican, Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon and Rainsville-Republican, House Majority Leader Nathaniel Ledbetter consider it a vote of approval, and attribute the victories to the hard work House Republicans put in since gaining control of the state Legislature in 2010.

“Since gaining control of the Legislature in 2010, House Republicans have worked hard to bring unprecedented accountability to Alabama’s budgeting process, create an economy that provides our citizens with new jobs and opportunities, and implement commonsense conservative reforms that streamline state government and force it to operate efficiently,” the two said in a statement. “At the same time, we have sought to preserve the religious freedoms and gun rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution, worked to protect unborn life, and fought to shield Alabama’s historic monuments from the out-of-control censorship of political correctness.”

They continued, “In Tuesday’s Republican primary election, all 15 of our House Republican incumbents with ballot opposition were successfully renominated for the seats they hold, which offers hard proof that the public approves of the work we are doing and the genuine accomplishments we are generating.

“More work remains to be done, more reforms need to be implemented, and more efficiencies need to be put in place, but Tuesday’s results show that we are off to a strong and popular start.

“We are hopeful that November’s general election will see us not only preserve our House Republican majority, but also build upon it, as we work with Gov. Kay Ivey to give Alabama a state government that is as honest, hardworking, and conservative as the citizens it seeks to serve.”