Defeated PSC candidate Jim Bonner starts a Gofundme page for recount

Jim Bonner
[Photo Credit: Jim Bonner for PSC Place 1]

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s primary elections, highly controversial PSC candidate Jim Bonner has launched a Gofundme page titled “Justice in Alabama” in order to raise funds for a recount in the PSC race.

“Simple this is a fund for the ordeal dealing with the Alabama GOP shenanigans. Help raise money for a recount,” says the page description.

Bonner has raised $20 of the $5.000 he is asking for.

According to the Alabama Secretary of State’s office, Bonner’s margins were just shy of the automatic recount number of .5 percent. Bonner was defeated with a .68 percent margin.

Jim Bonner / Jeremy Oden election results
Jim Bonner and Jeremy Oden election results. [Photo Credit: Alabama Secretary of State’s Office]

In order to obtain a recount Bonner must raise and pay all of the costs associated with the recount which could total over $1 million. However, even if he does somehow raise the money, it may not matter.

According to Ballotpedia, Alabama recount laws state that “the time period for requesting a recount begins ‘with the production of the certificate of result and ends 48 hours after the official canvass of county returns.'” Bonner began his Gofundme account on June 7, two days after the primary, rendering any money he raised from the start obsolete.

Bonner created a lot of controversy in this years PSC race by posting questionable photos and opinions to his social media accounts. The Alabama Republican party promptly censured him, and later added that they would disregard any votes he received.