Birmingham pro-stoner group organizing largest public smoke-out ever

Medical Marijuana

It’s certainly not the sort of protest you typically hear about — a group in Birmingham is calling on local stoners to show up for what they’re hoping will be the largest “smoke-out” ever.

Organized by the Decriminalize Bham Action Committee, the smoke-out is calling on marijuana smokers to publicly light up their joints in an effort to start a conversation with Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin about decriminalizing cannabis in the Magic City. Scheduled for Tuesday, July 17 the smoke-out will take place at a yet-to-be-named location.

“Each year, thousands of innocent men and women are arrested and incarcerated for low level cannabis possession,” posted local activist Carlos Chaverst Jr., one of the event’s organizers on Facebook. “We are asking Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin to join other cities across the country by decriminalizing cannabis within the Birmingham city limits.”

According to a video Chaverst Jr. posted on Facebook, he’s in talks with the mayor’s office about the issue. He also said he’s personally texted the mayor about the event, but has not heard back.

Chaverst Jr. says decriminalizing cannabis will help reduce the number of non-violent offenders in jails.

“[Decriminalizing cannabis] will reduce the number of non-violent offenders, keep our jails and prisons from overcrowding and increases stability within the local economy,” he added.

Watch Chaverst Jr. talk about the event below: