Why we shouldn’t accept the absurdity of dehumanizing people based on their politics or job


In just the last several days, there have been several instances of intolerance, bullying and just plain meanness  toward people in politics. More specifically in conservative politics. From Sarah Huckabee Sanders being kicked out of restaurant in Virginia, to Florida AG Pam Bondi being accosted at a movie theatre screening the new Mr. Rogers film — the irony of that should not be lost on anyone; bullying someone in a movie about the life of a man who dedicated his life to kindness and friendship.

The thing that’s infuriating about this is that our politics, or even our jobs, don’t define us as individuals as people.  As I’ve written before, civility is nonpartisan. Those of us who work in politics don’t check our humanity at the door when we walk into the office. Our compassion for others regardless of political ideology will always win out when there’s a chance to help someone in need. Who we work for can speak to our character but it can also be a testament to bigger things. I believe that some times people serve for the greater good. I believe there are people serving in President Donald Trump’s administration who are doing just that.

Could you imagine if conservatives started targeting liberals for their policies? Let’s not forget, liberal Democrats are the Party that condones, if not celebrates the murder of the unborn. Let’s not forget that it’s liberal policies that keep teacher’s unions fat and administration costs bloated while our students fail across the country.

It’s largely in Democratic communities like Detroit, Washington D.C., and yes even Birmingham that we see more and more poverty and crime while liberal elected officials rail against the rich and continue failed policies that have never worked and show no promise of ever working.

What if conservatives, libertarians, or independents started refusing to serve liberals in restaurants and businesses based on any of those or other factors? The fact is that doesn’t happen because in a civilized society people are, wait for it, civil. We see past the political interests and votes of individuals and recognize that we are people. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and so much more than a vote or a candidate or issue we support.

The fact is: we’re all human. We all have our own mistakes, our own histories, our own issues. But before everything else, we’re individuals who have families, and friends, and belief systems. Individuals who need to eat, and sleep, and occasionally go out recreationally and have fun.

There should be no fear for politicians, or those within the political sphere, for simply living life. We live such stressed lives already. Most individuals, especially those in politics, live in high-stress environments filled with chaos. It’s sad when, as a community, rather than seeing the person, someone would choose to see their job. We need to do better.