Alabama Power puts focus on Birmingham’s smart city efforts for Innovation Week

The homes in Reynolds Landing, Alabama Power's Smart Neighborhood, have high-tech energy-efficient features and the latest in smarthome controls for the homeowner. [Photo via Alabama News Center]

Key players from the team responsible for Birmingham winning a 2018 Readiness Challenge Grant from the Smart Cities Council will discuss smart projects already underway during an Innovation Week event July 10 at Alabama Power Corporate Headquarters.

“Think Next: How Birmingham’s Becoming a Smart City” will focus on plans to use digital technology to improve public safety, energy and transportation and how resources from the grant will accelerate efforts.

Mashonda Taylor, chief Community Relations officer for the Woodlawn Foundation, will moderate the conversation. It will feature people who were instrumental in the Smart Cities Council grant process and who are closely involved in ongoing innovation efforts:

“We hope our session will spark conversation on how Birmingham is becoming a future-focused city by weaving in technological advances to improve the quality of life through cutting-edge services and connectivity,” Smola said.

Session attendees can share ideas on how Birmingham can incorporate technology to make the city a better place to live and work while improving social equity and economic competitiveness.

Before and after the session attendees can see a display of Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood™ project.

Republished with permission from the Alabama NewsCenter.