My runoff picks are easy: I’m voting for decency and truth

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Here we are again — it’s crazy time in the runoff elections.  We are seeing a lot of shenanigans on the Republican side of the ticket from each of the major races and candidates.

I have yet, in the three years that I’ve run this website, to do public personal endorsements. I have debated whether or not I was going to post my thoughts this time around, but given the mean spiritedness of the cycle I have decided I would share with you my perspective and point of view on some of the hottest races.

Without further adieu, in the race for Agriculture Commissioner, I’m absolutely infuriated by the fact any candidate would make light of domestic violence and use it try and get ahead in a race. No matter how close a race gets there’s no excuse for that… Gerald Dial there’s no way you’re getting my vote after the stunt you’ve just pulled. Divorces have a way of bringing out the worst in some people and according to Rick Pate’s ex-wife her allegations against her husband were not true. Everyone who knows Rick Pate has decried the decades old claims against him. I understand the value of opposition research as much as anyone in this process and I know that getting the truth out would be important should these allegations have any truth to them but they don’t and it’s just wrong to use them as a weapon.

I’ve never given as much consideration to under-voting as I have in the race for Attorney General. I felt strongly going into the runoff that I would be voting for Troy King based on his record and experience. Steve Marshall is a Democrat he can deny it all he wants but King’s right to point out that Marshall changed parties because he knows a Democrat can’t get elected statewide in Alabama (*under normal circumstances). My biggest gripe with Marshall is that I don’t feel like he has used the opportunity he’s been given by Governor Robert Bentley to step up and step into the role to the best of his abilities. If he claims he has then surely he doesn’t deserve to be elected for a full-term. He’s wielded the power and authority of the office to punt on Ethics Reform, to kow-tow to the people he thought could help him get reelected and while that’s helped him raise money I don’t think it’s impressing voters like me much. On the other hand, Troy could have run a more positive race based on his credentials without beating up on Marshall and his fundraising all the time. Let’s be clear, the majority of voters aren’t going to be swayed by the argument that Marshall’s campaign has gone crazy in terms of campaign finance. I’m tired of hearing about it from King and his campaign. Enough already.  I’ve knocked on thousands of doors over the last 15 years or so and I can count on one hand the number of people who would put campaign finance issues at the top of their list of issues. For our attorney general I’m looking for consistent conservative views. I’m looking for proactive consumer protection. I’m looking for justice and fairness. I’m looking for someone who respects the constitution and the second amendment in particular. Troy King’s experience won me over this race and his campaign nearly lost my vote.

Then, in the race for the Lt. Governor boy do voters have a tough pick. I think highly of and respect Twinkle Cavanaugh. As a woman, as a conservative, for what she’s done in the PSC (“Right Sizing” the office) and the heat she’s taken in her work there. I think she’s not given enough credit for her efforts. She’s really an all-around great person in my opinion. And yet, I can’t vote for her this election. It was tough with her and Will Ainsworth, going into this knowing both of their records, but at the same time I believe that Will will do better leading the state senate to the right. We need someone with backbone at Lt. Governor, someone who has shown they can and will stand up for what’s right. Will is the reason Bentley didn’t get his tax increases. He’s shown he can lead without alienating and he’s running a positive campaign. Every time I hear Twinkle’s radio ads hitting Will it makes my skin crawl. I know negative ads work in general but they don’t work on voters who know them to be untrue and these ads are just untrue. There’s probably a lot one could say about Will from his time in the House; you don’t hold strong on your principles and not make enemy’s from those who want the status quo to continue.  Negative untrue ads and attacks suck. Twinkle knows that, she’s experienced it firsthand. But to say Will’s not conservative because like everyone else, like me even, he questioned President Donald’s Trump’s sincerity and conservatism during the presidential primary that’s absurd! I’m more worried about those who didn’t at some point question Trump’s candidacy. As for his record, it speaks for itself and it’s clear he’s a conservative. Heck, some would say he’s too conservative. So with that in mind, his record, the insanity of the ads Twinkle’s campaign is running against him and the fact she’ll stay in the PSC if she’s not elected I’m voting for Will.

We’ve only got a few more days left until the election. Let’s get it over and move on. I’m hoping there’s no more mean crazy underhanded things to come but I won’t hold my breath.