Kay Ivey holds fundraising lead over opponent Walt Maddox

Kay Ivey_Walt Maddox

Incumbent, Republican Governor Kay Ivey is holding a steady financial lead over her gubernatorial opponent, Tuscaloosa Mayor, Democrat Walt Maddox.

According to campaign finance reports filed last week, Maddox has $222,442 in cash on hand after receiving numerous donations from a plethora of individuals. Meanwhile, Ivey’s report revealed she has $458,674 in cash on hand.

Although the difference seems significant, Ivey has spent a total of $4.2 million over the course of her campaign compared to Maddox’s spending of less than $1 million.

Although she also received a fair amount individual donations, Ivey collected several large donations including $100,000 from YellaWood CEO Jimmy Rane, $10,000 from the Mainstream Political Action Committee, and another $10,000 from BizPAC. Maddox garnered $39,000 from PAC’s run by Tuscaloosa accountant Michael Echols. 

Campaigning vs the status quo

Aside from the fundraising figures, there’s also a huge difference in campaign strategy between the two candidates. While Maddox is hitting the campaign trail hard, attending events and meeting with voters across the state, Ivey is sticking to the task at hand: maintaining her office. Essentially, the Governor’s office is Ivey’s to lose and she knows it.

While she did have a few busy weeks after the primary — when contacted U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and several members of the Alabama congressional delegation expressing her concerns on the Trump administrations tariffs — Ivey has by and large tried to avoid the media.