Here’s how much statewide runoff candidates have raised, spent since the primary

campaign finance

The July 17 runoff elections less than a week away. Campaign finance reports have been filed weekly with the Secretary of State’s office since the June 5 primary. Looking a them now serves as a good marker of how much support candidates are receiving, and how much money they’re spending on their campaigns in hopes of cinching their party’s nomination.

Recap of the month

Statewide runoff races have taken a negative turn with Lt. Governor candidates Will Ainsworth and Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh firing shots back and forth at one another via television ads.

Restarting their campaigns following the tragic death of Steve Marshall‘s wife Bridgette Genery Marshall, Marshall’s opponent Troy King vowed to keep on message of his political record and qualifications going forward. However, on Monday he filed a complaint against Marshall with the Alabama Ethics Commission, accusing Marshall and his staff of accepting PAC-to-PAC money despite the state’s ban.

Even the race for Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries took a dark turn earlier this week after Gerald Dial released a campaign ad dredging up a 32 year old divorce document between his opponent Rick Pate and his ex-wife, Carolyn Pate.

A look at the numbers

Note: All numbers come from weekly campaign finance reports filed from period June 1 to July 6

Lieutenant Governor’s Race:

Will Ainsworth

  • Raised: $93,425
  • Spent: $568,543.94

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh

  • Raised: $513,300.57
  • Spent: $658,060.05

Attorney General’s Race:

Troy King

  • Raised: $421,610
  • Spent: $422,598.28

Steve Marshall

  • Raised: $515,344.60
  • Spent: $263,341.06

Commission of Agriculture and Industries race:

Gerald Dial

  • Raised: $58,240
  • Spent: $209,533.40

Rick Pate:

  • Raised: $97,100 [35,000 in receipts from sources other than cash]
  • Spent: $152,766.52

Supreme Court place 1 race:

Brad Mendheim:

  • Raised: $178,050
  • Spent: $183,521.10

Sarah Stewart

  • Raised: $11,000
  • Spent: $263,179.52

Civil Appeals Court, place 1 race:

Christy Edwards

  • Raised: $120,500 [Receipts from other sources $1,200]
  • Spent: $129,110.69

Michelle Thomason

  • Raised: $23,525 [$51,124.96 in receipts from other sources]
  • Spent: $86,965.83

Criminal Appeals Court, place 2

Rich Anderson

  • Raised: $7,600
  • Spent: $19,105.23

Chris McCool

  • Raised: $87,000 [$1,448.86 in receipts from other sources]
  • Spent: $107,820.36