Two Alabama House District races decided after provisional ballot counts


Out of the more than 20 runoff elections statewide, a few races resulted in a race just too close to call, including both Mobile County House District 102, and Chambers and Lee County House District 38.

Both races were decided Tuesday evening after the counting of provisional ballots in each district, with Satsuma Police chief Shane Stringer winning House District 102, and Debbie Wood winning House District 38.

In the District 102 race, Stringer went head to head with The Call News Publisher and owner Willie Gray. The two were neck-and-neck after the runoff receiving a total of 5,103 votes, with Stringer garnering only 25 more votes than Gray. After the counting of provisional ballots Stringer maintained his lead and won the race with a final margin of only 28 votes; 2,580 for Stringer to 2,552 for Gray.

“A lot of people have worked really hard this last year on our campaign and we will be forever grateful, Gray posted on Facebook. “The provisional ballots were counted today and we have come up short. I can’t thank my family and friends enough for their support during this year-long process. I want to congratulate Shane Stringer on a hard-fought race. Now, let’s get back to making our district the best ever!

Stringer faces no opponent in the November general election, giving him an automatic win for the district.

Wood however, will face her democratic opponent Brian McGee in the November general election after winning her race by even closer margins than Stringer. Wood received 2,165 votes compared to her runoff opponent Todd Rauch‘s 2,159 – giving her a six vote lead heading into the provisional ballot counting. The margins remained the same Tuesday night, and Wood secured the Republican nomination with only a six vote lead.

“I’m very humbled and very excited and I look forward to facing my opponent in November,” Wood told

At this point neither Rauch nor Gray have filed for a recount, both conceding their opponents wins.