New report shows every congressional district benefits from Trump’s tax reform

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Voters in every congressional district across the country are benefiting from President Donald Trump’s tax reform package, according to a new report released Monday.

In the report released by the conservative public policy think-tank Heritage Foundation analysts found “the average household and the average married couple with two kids in every congressional district in every state benefit from the tax cut, both in 2018 and over the next 10 years.”

[Photo Credit: Heritage Foundation]

According to the report, due to Trump’s tax reform, the typical household in every congressional district will see a reduction in tax liability in 2018. Nationally, 89 percent of Americans will see either a tax cut or no change, and approximately four million additional low-income filers will not pay any income taxes in 2018.

“Districts with smaller average income tax burdens tend to see the largest percentage reductions in their total income tax bills. High-income districts tend to see the largest tax cuts as measured by dollar value,” the report continued.

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[Photo Credit: Heritage Foundation]

The report did note that their estimates “assume that the tax cuts expire in 2025 and that Washington continues to run large and unsustainable deficits.”

“Making the TCJA permanent and reforming spending to align with projected revenues could significantly increase our estimates of the changes in gross domestic product, income, investment, and wages,” it continued. “Repealing the TCJA, on the other hand, would undo its economic gains.”