Kay Ivey remains one of America’s most popular governor’s

Kay Ivey
[Photo Credit: AP Photo | Brynn Anderson, File]

Gov. Kay Ivey has found herself in a position her political peers can only dream of: being one of America’s most popular governor’s during an election year.

According to a new survey released Wednesday by Morning Consult, Ivey is America’s third most popular Governor and has a whopping 67 percent approval rating.

Perhaps the first term governor’s — who assumed office last April after the resignation of her scandal-ridden predecessor former-Gov. Robert Bentley — high approval comes from the fact, under her leadership Alabama’s employment and wages are at the highest levels in over a decade, teachers and schools are finally receiving the funding and resources our children deserve, and the Governor continues to uphold conservative values.

In June, Ivey handily defeated four GOP challengers in the Republican primary, garnering 56.1 percent of the vote. Her closest competitor was Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, who received only 24.9 percent.

Ivey will face Tuscaloosa mayor and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Walt Maddox in the general election on Nov. 6.

Ivey July 2018 popularity
[Photo Credit: Morning Consult]