Kay Ivey releases first TV ad for general election, highlights education initiatives

Kay Ivey education ad
[Photo via screenshot from Strong Start, Strong Finish ad]

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey’s campaign on Thursday released her first tv ad for the general election. The ad, which runs statewide, highlights her success in preparing students today for the jobs of tomorrow.

“As a former teacher, I know how vital education is to Alabama’s success,” said Ivey. “That’s why I launched a new initiative with record funding for Pre-K education.”

As Governor, Ivey launched the “Strong Start, Strong Finish” education initiative to integrate Alabama’s early childhood education, K-12 education, and workforce development into a seamless educational experience for Alabama students.

Under Ivey’s leadership, investment in Alabama’s nationally recognized First Class Pre-K program received the largest single-year increase in program funding. And as part of Strong Start, Strong Finish, Ivey is working to make the First-Class Pre-K program available to all families who choose to participate.

“Here in Alabama, we’re focused on workforce preparedness because we’re creating record jobs,” said Ivey.

According to a recent report by the Alabama Department of Labor, the number of people working in Alabama is at a record high.

“That means we have to teach students today to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow,” Kay said.

Ivey faces Tuscaloosa Mayor, Democrat Walt Maddox in the general election on Nov. 6.

Watch the full ad below: