Ronda Walker represents Montgomery County at White House meeting

Ronda McCaul at WH
[Photo Credit: Ronda Walker on Facebook]

Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Commission Ronda Walker is in Washington, D.C. representing the county as part of the Alabama and Louisiana White House Conference.

Ronda Walker in DC
[Photo Credit: Ronda Walker on Facebook]

“It’s critical that we on the local level engage with our state government as well as the federal government to discuss issues that are important to Alabamians,” Walker told WSFA-12.

There, the group will discuss topics such as energy, agriculture, infrastructure and education and how the White House can help meet the two state’s needs.

“We want to take advantage of this opportunity,” Walker added to WSFA. “They need to know all the good that is happening here in Alabama and also be made aware of the needs we have. We are very close to the people we represent and it’s important we convey what matters.”

Walker took to Facebook on Thursday to share her excitement over the trip.

“Proud to represent Montgomery County at the Alabama Leadership meeting at the White House today,” she posted.

She was also interviewed outside the White House about her meetings.

Ronda Walker WH2
[Photo Credit: Ronda Walker on Facebook]