Former governor Robert Bentley’s website and social media activities pose curious questions

Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason
Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason

Former governor Robert Bentley, or someone acting on his behalf, has been active online in recent days prompting questions from politicos, the general public and even his own former staff members. Among the recent changes are a name change for his official facebook group and several new posts. His page formally, “Bentley for Governor” was changed to “Bentley for Alabama” on May 28th. Since it has seen a handful of posts including one earlier today.

Screen shot via FaceBook

May 26, 2018 two days before the groups name change someone posted on the page a message signed with the Governor’s name. It was the first post since October 2014, and read:

“ABOUT THIS PAGE: Bentley for Alabama, and our partner website, examines the specific time during which Governor Robert Bentley served the people of the state as Alabama’s 53rd Governor and provides recent updates on the former Governor in post-public life, his charitable work and his continued enthusiasm for the causes he championed during his two terms in Office.

This Facebook Page provides new updates, and past posts in their original form from the time Governor Bentley served in public office. Posts are time stamped, and some links may no longer be active.

Governor Bentley has generously made available free and easy access to digital resources of the Bentley Administration as well as two Bentley for Governor Campaigns. Please visit for more details.”

This recent activity comes among public scrutiny for statements made during depositions taken in June that revealed Rebekah Caldwell Mason, the woman he was accused of having an affair with is now working for him as an office manager at his dermotology practice, Dermatology Care of Alabama in Tucaloosa. reported, “Under questioning from attorneys, Bentley confirmed Mason works as the office manager for his Tuscaloosa-based medical practice, Dermatology Care of Alabama. Bentley said Mason works 9 a.m.-5 p.m. four days a week and 9 a.m.-noon on Friday, when the practice closes early. She is paid $5,000 a month, or $60,000 a year, he told attorneys.”

Bentley’s updated facebook page and this new information has some wondering if Mason is the one updating the page. “He would not have been able to nor did he have any interest in learning to post to social media. Furthermore, if you look at the content, it’s not written using phrasing natural to Bentley but is familiar to those who recognize the writings of Rebekah Mason,” said a former Bentley staffer familiar with Bentley’s social media history told Alabama Today.

We attempted to contact Mason and/or Bentley at his medical office to ask about the sudden activity but no one answered the phone.

While the Facebook and website updates are mundane in content, the most recent about Bentley’s efforts to bring jobs to the Yellowhammer State, and the process of his elections, some commenters on the page seem puzzled by the recent activity:

Screenshot of comments via Facebook.

“It is bizarre and if it wasn’t so sad it would be funny,” the same former Bentley staffer continued. “It’s unfortunate for the state of Alabama that Rebekah Caldwell Mason won’t let the Governor end out his service to Alabama with respect and dignity. She continually makes him a laughing stock with stunts like this.”

Speaking to the way Mason has manipulated the Governor, the allegations of how she used her office for her own gain and all of the ways in which she continues to profit off of him the staffer noted she is of the opinion that, “This borders on elder abuse. She’s taking advantage of an elderly man.”