For fourth year in a row, Jim Zeigler excluded from annual BCA conference

Grand Hotel in Point Clear

For the fourth year in a row, State Auditor Jim Zeigler has yet again been excluded from the annual“Governmental Affairs Conference hosted by the Business Council of Alabama (BCA) at the upscale Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Ala.

Zeigler was the only statewide official to be left off of the invitation list this year.

Zeigler, now accustomed to the annual snub is taking the news in stride.

“Maybe they were going in alphabetical order and ran out of invitations before they got to the Z’s,” he joked.

The annual conference includes complimentary receptions, dinners, and hotel rooms for officials. Zeigler calls it a badge of honor to be left out of the “Montgomery Insiders” event.

“I wear it as a badge of honor when I am left out of things by Montgomery Insiders. I have been left out of meetings, polls, political analyses, and campaign contributions,” Zeigler opined. “I would like to pay my own way and go to the BCA conference as a speaker rather than as an attendee. I could explain to them some things that are wrong in state government and how they need to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.