Alabama Democratic Victory PAC, Doug Jones criticize ‘ineffective’ state party

Alabama Democratic Party

On Saturday, the executive committee of the Alabama Democratic Party reelected Nancy Worley as chairwoman despite disapproval by many of her contemporaries.

Her most notable critic? The only statewide Democratic officeholder: newly elected U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, who’s surprise December victory reinvigorated Democrats across the state.

Ahead of the vote, Jones said Worley’s challenger, Peck Fox was the best candidate to move the Party forward.

“This party needs to build,” Jones said before the committee’s vote, according to “We need change. And the only way to get change is to have change. I think it’s time to move on. There’s a lot of energy we’ve got to capture. And I think Peck is the best person to do that.”

Despite his best efforts to sway the committee, Worley bested Fox 101-89.

“Our candidates are going to have to go it alone, just like I did,” Jones added. “We need to have a party. We don’t have a party. There is no social media. There’s no outreach. There’s no get out the vote effort. There’s no organization. There’s no field. And the vote today was simply to keep that.”

Now, the Alabama Democratic Victory PAC is doubling down on Jones’ comments saying the time for change has come.

In a series of tweets, the group doubled-down on Jones’ comments calling the State Democratic Party “ineffective,” having “failed to provide candidates with the resources they need to secure a path to victory in November.”