Politicos, Alabamians wish Robert Bentley would just ‘go away’

Robert Bentley
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley delivers the annual State of the State address in the Old House Chamber at the Historic Alabama State Capitol.

In April 2017, former Gov. Robert Bentley resigned amid a growing scandal — allegations he used state resources to cover up an affair he was having with one of his former aides. Now, over a year later the “Luv Gov” has resurfaced on social media leaving many politicos speculating whether or not he’s prepping to for another run at public office.

Despite being one of the most red states in the nation, Alabamians alike — from politicians to residents — seem to all share one thought: they wish Bentley would just go away.

“I hope that if Dr. Bentley truly cares for Alabama, as he says he does, he would consider letting us go,” said Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan told Yellowhammer News last week. when asked what she thought about a possible Bentley U.S. Senate run in 2020.

She’s not the only politician hoping Bentley would go away.

Outgoing Montgomery State Sen. Dick Brewbaker also tweeted his disapproval.

“Oh for heavens sake, I’ll go away if you will,” Brewbaker tweeted in response to Bentley earlier this month.

In fact, Brewbaker grew so tired of Bentley, he dediced to block him altogether.

“I usually only block people who feel the need to use gratuitous profanity. I confess that I blocked today. While not profane the account began to strike me as somehow obscene,” he tweeted Sunday.

But politicians aren’t the only ones weighing in. Bentley’s Twitter feed is filled with comments on tweets from Alabamians from across the state expressing their disapproval.

Michelle Garver from Alabama: You’re a disgrace. Please go away.

Eric Hulsey from Hazel Green, Ala.: You inspired me! After your resignation from office I realized that the head of all three branches of state government had been removed from office. Therefore I started a modest political movement, Make Alabama not Suck Anymore. You staying out of all politics would help. #MAnSA

Unnamed twitter user Alt Trite from Birmingham, Ala.: On a Sunday. Lord have mercy. Go away. Repent.

Katherine from Mobile, Ala.: Let me join the chorus of “GO AWAY”. You’ve embarrassed us ENOUGH! Go get @RoyMooreSenator & ride off into the sunset together. Good riddance.