Alabama politicians call for stronger laws following arrest of illegal immigrant in Mollie Tibbetts murder

Cristhian Bahena Rivera
This undated photo provided by the Iowa Department of Public Safety shows Cristhian Bahena Rivera. Authorities said on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2018, that they have charged a man living in the U.S. illegally with murder in the death of Iowa college student, Mollie Tibbetts, who disappeared a month ago while jogging in a rural area. Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Rick Rahn said that Rivera, 24, was charged with murder in the death of Tibbetts. [Photo Credit: Iowa Department of Public Safety via AP]

The fact that the suspect in the death of Mollie Tibbetts, the University of Iowa student who disappeared on July 18, is an illegal immigrant has left Alabama lawmakers calling for stronger border security. 

Republicans U.S. Reps. Bradley Byrne (AL-01) and Mo Brooks (AL-05) have seized the opportunity to condemn their Democratic counterparts for their open border policies that have caused the murder of an American citizen.

“Mollie Tibbetts would be alive today but for illegal aliens and Democrat insistence on open borders and amnesty. Mollie Tibbetts’ confessed illegal alien murderer never should have been in America and Mollie Tibbetts would be alive today if he wasn’t,” said Brooks. “America’s death toll from illegal alien murders, vehicular homicides, and drug overdoses rises as Democrats shamefully turn a blind eye to the carnage wrought as they clamor for open borders and even more illegal alien amnesty.”

The suspect in the case is 24-year-old Christhian Rivera. He worked at a farm for the past several years not even three miles from where Tibbetts was staying the night she disappeared.

Rivera was arrested Tuesday after leading authorities to the body of Tibbetts in a cornfield about 12 miles away from Brooklyn, Iowa, where she was last seen going for an evening run, Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation special agent Rick Rahn said.

“I can’t speak about the motive. I can just tell you that it seemed that he followed her, seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day, for whatever reason he chose to abduct her,” Rahn told reporters.

Rivera has been charged with first-degree murder, and is being held on a $1 million cash bond.

“This is an example of why I feel so strongly about securing our border, building the wall, and cracking down on illegal immigration,” Byrne posted on Facebook.” “It is a shame that some continue to block common sense border security measures. It is even more shameful for sanctuary cities in the U.S. to provide safe harbor for those in our country illegally.”