Kay Ivey, Walt Maddox talk lottery, Ten Commandments ballot measure

Kay Ivey_Walt Maddox

Governor Kay Ivey and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walt Maddox both spoke at the Alabama Association of County Commissioners in Orange Beach on Wednesday, providing their views on a lottery in the state and the Ten Commandments Ballot measure on the ticket with them in the November 6 general election after their speeches.

Ivey seems to believe the Ten Commandments ballot measure is a good thing.” Goodness knows we need to keep the good Lord and our God Almighty in the forefront of our lives (or) we’ll never succeed,” Ivey told AL.com.

Maddox took a different stance saying he believes the measure is a political ploy.

“Let’s make no mistake about this, it’s not about our values and our faith. It’s about a political ploy,” Maddox told AL.com. “It’s going to ultimately end up in us spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ money.”

“We have so many issues affecting everyday Alabamians and I think that is where our focus needs to be. What the politicians need to focus on are the problems in front of them,” he continued.

Both candidates however, seem to agree on a lottery for the state.

“If the people want to vote that’s fine,” Ivey told WKRG. “We have a robust economy, our budgets are strong we are able to do what we need to do so Alabama is at work and we’re working hard and is working.”

Maddox, who unveiled his education lottery plan in February, stood by his previous stance. “The lottery has been a part of our platform since the very beginning and we certainly believe that 300 million dollars a year should be invested in college scholarships, Pre-K programs and to our schools so we can lift everyone up in the state of Alabama,” Maddox also told WKRG.