Jim Bonner appeal fails at Alabama Republican Party meeting

Jim Bonner
[Photo Credit: Jim Bonner's blog]

During the Alabama Republican Party’s (ALGOP) summer meeting on Saturday the party voted overwhelmingly  to deny an appeal from controversial Public Service Commission candidate Jim Bonner.

Bonner was not present for the appeal.

“I’m asking this body to trust your leadership and pass this motion,” ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan said, according to Jeff Poor on Twitter.

Bonner under fire

Before the June 5 primary, the party censured Bonner and announced that they wouldn’t certify any votes for the candidate.

Bonner quickly announced he would be appealing the party’s decision, saying the that Republican leaders were against him because he was “campaigning for tighter regulation of the politically powerful Alabama Power Company.”

However, Lathan named different reasons for censuring Bonner, naming the opinions he expressed on his radio show, and on social media as the chief cause.

“In post after post, Bonner seems to revel in racist, sexist and anti-semite comments, but this has dampened his support among those who think he is someone he’s not,” wrote APR.

Jim Bonner Facebook post.
But Bonner doesn’t consider himself racist or anti-Semitic. In May, he responded to a post on his Facebook wall about political correctness and those attacking him.
“The base republicans ( the swamp) are shoveling money into liberal attach dogs to go through my facebook line by line and find something they can use to let the public know that Jim Bonner is unfit to be a member of the party that produced Guy Hunt, Mike Hubbard, Roy Moore, and Bentler the luv guv,” he wrote.
Still, Lathan was not buying it.

“The Alabama Republican Party Candidate Committee voted unanimously to publicly censure and strongly condemn Mr. Jim Bonner, candidate for Public Service Commission, Place 1,” Lathan said in a press release in June. “Mr. Bonner’s recent comments on his social media as well as radio shows are not condoned by the Alabama Republican Party.”

“When our state party chooses to take these steps, it is a serious and rare occurrence. We strongly believe that this is one of those solemn moments. This vote was carefully considered and was not taken lightly,” Lathan said.