JeffCo Democrat files complaint with DNC over Nancy Worley re-election

Nancy Worley
Nancy Worley [Photo Credit: OFA - Alabama via Facebook]

A Jefferson County Democrat has filed a complaint with Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials over the Alabama Democratic Party’s election of officers earlier this month.

Ralph Young, a member of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, filed a seven-page complaint that Alabama Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Worley did not follow proper procedures when calling the meeting that led to her re-election. Young claims she gave inadequate notice and failed to comply with diversity requirements for officers.

“I’m a bit of a rules wonk and I have concerns about how the election was done,” Young told the Montgomery Advertiser. “I don’t believe it was done in a fair fashion. I think there are a number of procedural issues that could have decided differently.”

Jones has found herself under fire recently. On Monday, Susan Cobb, chairwoman of the Marion County Democratic Executive Committee, announced that she is suing Worley for allegedly removing her from the party’s website and restructuring the committee, effectively removing Cobb from office.

The DNC confirms the complaint has been received and has been passed along to the Credentials Committee.