Candidate profile: Chad ‘Chig’ Martin, Independent candidate for Governor

Chad Chig Martin
Chad 'Chig' Martin [Photo Credit: Facebook]

Chad ‘Chig’ Martin, the lone write-in candidate hoping to make his way to the Governor’s office, will face-off against two heavy-hitters in the Nov. 6. general election: incumbent Governor, Republican Kay Ivey and Democratic Walt Maddox.

While Martin lacks the name ID of his two competitors, the real question is: who is he? And what does he hope to accomplish?

Independent candidate Chad ‘Chig’ Martin:

Martin’s root are firmly planted in Alabama. He was born in Enterprise in 1968 to Glyn and Evelyn Martin — successful, small business owners who have run Martin Mobile Homes since the late 60s.

After high school, Martin received a full football scholarship to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and completed his degree in 1991.

Martin returned to Alabama after college and now, following in his parent’s entrepreneurial footsteps, owns three businesses. After working as an outside sales representative for 12 years, he decided to start his first business venture, Thunder Industrial Inc., from his home and ultimately turned it into over a million dollar company. Now the Dothan, Ala.-based maintenance products and repair parts company is starting it’s twelfth year and conducts business in over 40 states and three countries. He also has his own nationally-sold hat linethat’s represented asChad “Chig” Martin brand. Additionally, he’s the owner and operator of Chig Daddi Entertainment.

After a conversation with a young school teacher and discovering that this young lady had to furnish and pay for general classroom supplies out of her own pocket, Martin decided then, that something had to be done and filed papers with the Secretary of State’s office in January to run as an Independent Governor of Alabama.

Here Martin is in his own words:

My campaign’s basic principles include putting the state government in the hands of our citizens not special interest or political parties and including letting our citizens have the opportunity to vote on the legality of lottery, medical marijuana and casino gambling.

I also want to recruit industry without giving incentives that rob from the core of our state. I want to strengthen the Second Amendment by protecting citizens that have to use justified deadly force to protect their homes and family by having a quick and speedy investigatory and legal process when obvious signs of home invasion are present.

I NEVER want our teachers to spend a dime out of their own pockets for basic classroom supplies. We have to improve on the non existent mental health situation in the state of Alabama. I want to make all decisions based off of what is in the best interest of our state without being pressured from a party or special interest group. I am a simple common sense man.

This campaign is about WE and not ME.

Martin has yet to file any campaign finance reports declaring campaign donations.

You can follow his campaign on his website and  Facebook.