Kay Ivey encourages tech savvy students to participate in her App Challenge

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[Photo Credit: Ramil Sitdikov | Sputnik via AP]

Governor Kay Ivey  is encouraging tech savvy students from every corner of the state to participate in her App Challenge — a statewide contest that encourages students K-12 to build their own app technology and put it into practice. The goal of the Challenge is to give more students the opportunity to gain recognition for their mastery and application of computer programming and design.

“Since establishing my Advisory Council for Computer Science Education last year, we have been hard at work to make my vision of giving every Alabama student a 21st Century education into a reality. I’m encouraging students to become a part of this emerging technology economy and participate in the Governor’s App Challenge,” Ivey said. “This contest allows students from every corner of the state to get creative and build their own app while putting into practice computer science principles they are learning in the classroom.”

New details about the Challenge

On Monday Ivey announced new details of the challenge, which she launched in March at the inaugural Alabama Computer Science Summit.

Students will create an application in a language of their choosing, respond in writing to specific prompts about the application and submit a video of their application running.

Student submissions will be judged in one of three grade bands:

  • Elementary: K-5
  • Middle School: 6-8
  • High School: 9-12

Apps will be judged at various levels, with only the winning entry in each grade band advancing to the next level. The first level of competition will be at the individual school. The winner(s) from each school will advance to the Local Education Agency (LEA) level. The winner(s) from the LEA level will advance to the State Board of Education district level and the winners from each of the State School Board districts will enter the state championship. The State School Board district winners will compete at the Alabama Computer Science Summit in April 2019, with winners announced at the conclusion of the summit.

Participants must register by November 1, 2018.

Watch Ivey’s announcement of the App Challenge below: