Chris Sims of Birmingham’s Sigao talks about need for rural internet in Washington

Chris Sims
Chris Sims [Photo via Sigao on Facebook]

Chris Sims, the CEO and co-founder of Birmingham’s tech-startup, Sigao Studios, was in Washington D.C. Tuesday to join a panel discussion about the need for sufficient access to broadband internet.

Chris Sima_Sigao
The panel [Photo via Sigao on Facebook]

At the briefing hosted by ACT The App Association — a Washington-based trade group for app-makers that is sponsored by Apple — and U.S. Reps. Austin Scott and Mark Pocan, Sims explained access to broadband Internet is “critical” for business.

“Sufficient access to broadband Internet is a critical need for us as a company, our customers and employees. We need as many consumers as possible gaining access to high speed Internet, so they can access the software we build for our customers whether it be case management solutions for special needs children or speech therapy across a teletherapy platform,” said Sims.

“Likewise, given the nations developer workforce crisis we need to open the potential market for people throughout the nation, especially in underrepresented and rural areas to be able to participate in today’s App economy.”