FEMA Chief, former Alabama leader, Brock Long won’t lose job following investigation

Brock Long
[Photo Credit: AP Photo]

Federal Emergency Management Agency​ (FEMA) Chief Brock Long did use government vehicles without proper authorization, but he’s not going to lose his job over it.

That’s according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen following an internal investigation by the DHS inspector general (IG).

Long, who previously served as director of the Alabama Alabama Emergency Management Agency (AEMA)​, came under fire last week amid allegation that he misused of government cars for personal use.

According to POLITICO, who originally broke the story, “Long started using a staff driver to get him home to North Carolina at the beginning of his tenure at FEMA last year. On the weekends Long spent in North Carolina, aides were put up in a hotel at taxpayer expense, according to one of the current officials.”

Nielsen, who released a statement released Friday night, said there was in fact “inappropriate use” of the government vehicles.

“[U]se of Government vehicles to provide home to work transportation for the FEMA Administrator was never authorized in accordance with applicable law,” she said.

Long will reimburse the government, rather than lose his job, for the misuse of government vehicles.

“As the leader of this agency, I accept full responsibility for any mistakes that were made by me or the agency,” Long said in a statement.