Democratic leadership expects Doug Jones ‘firmly in the no column’ on Brett Kavanaugh confirmation

Doug Jones_Brett Kavanaugh
Sen. Doug Jones; Judge Brett Kavanaugh [Photo Credit: Alabama Today via AP Photos]

Despite remaining publicly undecided, Democratic leadership expects Alabama’s newest U.S. Sen. Doug Jones “to be firmly in the ‘no’ column” in terms of whether or not he’ll vote in favor of confirming U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, according to a Tuesday report by POLITICO.

Last week Jones tweeted that the Senate ought to “hit the pause button” on vote to confirm Kavanaugh following accusations that Kavanaugh sexually assaulting a women during their teenage years.

Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor in Northern California, said Kavanaugh tried to “attack [her]and remove [her]clothing” during a party when both of them were high school students in Maryland in the early 80s.

Jones tweeted, “We cannot rush to move forward under this cloud.”

Since that time two more women have made accusations against Kavanaugh. He continues to call the allegations “completely false.”

Jones defeated Republican Roy Moore in a Senate special election in December after bombshell by the Washington Post had multiple women on record accusing him of sexual misconduct.