Transparency on the line in Fairhope

Baldwin County School Board Meeting
[Photo via Baldwin County School Board on Vimeo]

In the past Baldwin County School Board meetings have been live-streamed, as a part of a commitment to transparency. But according to The Fairhope Times, the most recent meeting was not live-streamed.

According to the Baldwin County Public School System Director of Communications, Terry Wilhite, that’s because the “equipment is broken” that allows for live-streaming.

Meetings instead are available to be watched on the board’s Vimeo channel once they are uploaded after meetings. But The Fairhope Times pointed out, “as of last Wednesday the most recent ones posted to the Board’s Vimeo website were from last May; but since we questioned it Thursday the more recent ones were posted as well,” leaving some to question whether or not videos will continue to be uploaded in a timely manner allowing for transparency of the meetings.

Alabama Today has reached out to Mr. Wilhite for comment as to if and when the school system intends to repair the broken equipment and being live-streaming once again. This article will be updated if they choose to respond.