Kay Ivey voices support for Brett Kavanaugh, hopes Senate makes ‘right decision’

Kay Ivey_Brett Kavanaugh
[Photo Credit: Alabama Today via AP Photo]

She may not be able to cast a vote in favor of his confirmation, but that’s not stopping Alabama Governor Kay Ivey from voicing her support for President Donald Trump‘s U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

On Monday Ivey was asked if she supported the confirmation of Kavanaugh based on what she currently knows. She was also asked if she supported the FBI investigation that was decided upon after Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake announced he would vote to advance Kavanaugh’s nomination to the full Senate only if the FBI were to investigate.

“The Senate has a job to do and that is to confirm a Supreme Court justice,” Ivey replied to an AL.com reporter. “And I surely hope they will get the information that they already have, evaluate it, and make the right decision for the best interests of the country.”

She elaborated, “I think he should be confirmed. But see, I’m not there to see it eyeball-to-eyeball. So that’s not a fair question. It’s the role of the senators in the Senate to evaluate the information they have and to exercise their good judgment.”

Watch an AL.com reporter interview Ivey below:

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey was asked this morning

Ivey spoke with reporters this morning after a press conference about the state’s new Security Operations Center and cybersecurity website.

Ivey was asked if she supported Kavanaugh’s nomination