Joe Siegelman wants Ethics Commission to act on complaint against AG Steve Marshall

Joe Sieglman_Steve Marshall
Joe Sieglman, Steve Marshall

Democratic Attorney General Candidate Joe Siegelman held a press conference in Huntsville, Ala. on Thursday to urge the Alabama Ethics Commission to act on the ethics complaint filed against Attorney General Steve Marshall, that they have yet to take action on.

The complaint alleges Marshall accepted $735,000 in illegal contributions from the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Action Fund. The actual complaint was filed back in July by Marshall’s Republican primary opponent, former state Attorney General Troy King. King alleged Marshall accepted the money from the RAGA political action committee and said that the group uses money from other PAC’s to fund their own PAC; violating Alabama’s PAC to PAC money laws.

Siegelman’s press conference followed a letter that Siegelman sent to the members of the Alabama Ethics Commission earlier Thursday morning.

“In less than three years, Alabama has lost the highest officeholder in every branch of its government due to unethical or illegal conduct. Now we may lose our Attorney General simply over greed for special-interest, dark money,” said Siegelman. “We face not only losing another high officeholder to illegality, but we face a crossroads of whether we are capable and willing to hold the chief law enforcement officer of the State accountable, or allow him to reside above the law.”

Marshall’s campaign reacted to Siegelman’s press conference saying, “It is unfortunate that our young, inexperienced liberal democratic opponent has decided to run a false and negative campaign.”

To which Siegelman replied, “My opponent criticizes me for being young. I may only be 30, but I know better than to accept $735,000 in illegal contributions. He sadly does not. Notably my opponent chose to attack me rather than respond to the allegations, which were made by a fellow Republican.”

Read Siegelman’s letter to the Ethics Commission below: