Jim Zeigler: Bring back the British concept of “the Loyal Opposition”

Jim Zeigler
Jim Zeigler pictured onstage at first Trump rally, Mobile, Ala. August 2015.  [Photo courtesy of Jim Zeigler via Fox News]

In England, the party opposite of the Prime Minister is referred to as “the Loyal Opposition.” Or sometimes, “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.”

We need an American version of the concept of Loyal Opposition – a Democrat party that will oppose on legislative issues but remain loyal to the government, play fair, and build a stronger United States – who will actually hope that the administration and the country are successful.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “loyal opposition” as:

a minority party especially in a legislative body whose opposition to the party in power is constructive, responsible, and bounded by loyalty to fundamental interests and principles.

Sounds like a healthy opposition party. Sounds like what we need for vigorous debate in the halls of congress.

But does it sound like the leaders and the louders of the present minority party?

“Not my President.”

“Impeachment now” (with or without grounds).

Confront administration leaders and their families in restaurants and public places. Weaponize allegations and investigations. Dredge up or make up unsubstantiated accusations from over 30 years ago. Bring the families of leaders into the fray. Apologize for America. Attempt to revise history. Invoke the “R” word when not applicable. Criticize capitalism and private property rights. Refuse to accept the outcome of the 2016 presidential race and the 2018 confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh.

These are not the actions of a loyal opposition. These are the actions of obvious, obnoxious obstructionists.

To my remaining Democrat friends:  Please bring back the British concept of the loyal opposition. For the sake of America.  For one nation under God, indivisible.


Jim Zeigler, a Republican, is the elected State Auditor of Alabama.  His wife Jackie Zeigler is the State Board of Education member from Alabama’s First District.