3 Alabama women catch the attention of Good Morning America as they run for office

Stewart Summerford Gray
Felicia Stewart, left, Alli Summerford, center, and Jenn Gray [Photo via Alli Summerford]

In the suburbs of the Magic City, three Alabama women who joined forces in hopes of finding their way Election Day victory, have caught the attention of Good Morning America (GMA).

In its ongoing series about “Women Who Run,” GMA on Wednesday featured the trioFelicia Stewart, candidate for House District 46, Alli Summerford, candidate for House District 48 and Jenn Gray, candidate for House District 45. All moms and first time candidates, the women have formed a “sisterhood” as they’ve  joined forces in support of one another in their efforts to unseat male opponents “who, in some cases, haven’t faced opposition in decades.”

“Nobody can truly understand the internal part of this piece better than the other candidates and specifically the other female candidates and especially those who are moms,” Stewart told GMA. “Alli [Summerford] has been a terrific source of encouragement and sounding board and strategy partner.”

“It’s very encouraging to have a cohort that you can connect to and have as a sounding board,” Gray explained to GMA. “It’s about this coalition of women who are running and who really have each other’s backs, just pulling each other up.”

“We need to all win,” she added, of the women running in 2018. “It’s not enough for me if one of us wins.”

Summerford, Stewart and Gray are among 60 women running for office in Alabama this year.

Watch the GMA feature below: