Jim Zeigler: Change from Robert Bentley to Kay Ivey ‘removed a dark cloud over Montgomery’

Jim Zeigler
Jim Zeigler speaking at Republican Women of Coffee County, Wednesday Oct. 17, 2018. [Photo courtesy of Jim Zeigler]
Speaking to the Republican Women of Coffee County on Wednesday, State Auditor Jim Zeigler said the resignation of former Gov. Robert Bentley “removed a dark cloud over Montgomery.” He told the group he could see a real difference when Ivey took over in April 2017 after what he deemed to be “Bentley’s forced resignation.”
“During the two years I served with Gov. Bentley, I was never allowed inside the governor’s offices,” said Zeigler. “Once Kay Ivey took over, I was inside the governor’s offices six times in just the first two months, working with her staff on issues.”
Zeigler had been a consistent critic of Bentley.  He had filed the first ethics complaint against him in March 2016.  After a year of investigation, the commission found probable cause that Bentley was in violation on multiple counts. That ruling came April 10, 2017. Five days later, Bentley resigned on April 10, 2017.
He urged the group not to take the Nov. 6 for granted and be “too confident.” That not going to vote would be “the quickest way to lose an election.”