Pro-life group releases radio in in support of pro-life Amendment Two

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Election Day is only a week away, and Alabama Citizens for Life (ACL) is doing everything it can to encourage Alabama voters to support of the pro-life constitutional measure known as Amendment Two.

On Tuesday, ACL — a non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit, working to restore legal protection for all human life from conception to natural death — announced it has released a new radio ad in support of the amendment.

“Life is on the line and on the ballot this year. There are many important issues this election, but one is fundamental: the right to life,” says the ad. “Alabama’s greatest resource isn’t our beaches, not our industries, but our children.

The spot continues, “If you want to vote to protect our state’s greatest resource, vote ‘Yes’ on Amendment Two. If you want to restore respect for babies, vote ‘Yes’ on Amendment Two. If you don’t want your tax dollars to pay for abortion-on-demand, vote ‘Yes’ on Amendment Two. Unborn babies can’t vote, but you can. Their lives really are on the line. Please, vote ‘Yes’ on statewide Amendment Two.”

According to Cole Wagner, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Pro-Life Alabama, pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and and its liberal allies have dumped more than a million dollars into Alabama from New York, California, Memphis and New England to run ads against Amendment Two.

“We can’t match Planned Parenthood and its liberal allies dollar for dollar. Their expensive radio and TV commercials are spreading lies and misinformation about Amendment Two to confuse the voters and create doubts,” Wagner explained. “We are grateful to all of our Pro-Life partners in the Alliance, like Citizens for Life, for making every effort they can to support Amendment Two and combat Planned Parenthood’s false claims.”

The spot is initially airing in Birmingham and Montgomery media markets, and it is also posted on the Alliance for a Pro-Life Alabama Facebook page.

Amendment Two is one of four statewide amendment proposals that will be on the ballot on November 6.