Understanding Mobile County local amendment 1: pay-as-you-go infrastructure improvements

Mobile County votes
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When Alabamians get to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6, voters in some counties will see local amendments on the ballot.

Here’s a look at what residents of Mobile County need to know about a local amendment they’ll see on the ballot:

On the ballot: Shall Mobile County in the State of Alabama be authorized to issue from time to time and in one or more series its Pay-As-You-Go Road, Bridge and Drainage Facilities Bonds, not exceeding $60,000,000 in principal amount, for the purpose of raising funds for the construction and improvement, or either, of hard surfaced roads, hard surfaced bridges, and surface water drainage facilities, or any thereof in the county, which bonds shall bear interest at a rate or rates to be fixed when they are sold, not exceeding twelve percent (12%) per annum, payable semiannually until their respective maturities, and shall mature and become payable on December 1 in the aggregate principal amount of $6,000,000 in each of the years 2022 through 2031, and shall the said county be authorized to continue to levy annually a special tax, on all taxable property in the county, at a rate not exceeding six and one-half mills on each dollar of the assessed valuation of such property, for the purpose of paying at their respective maturities the principal of and interest on the said bonds and all other bonds at any time outstanding which may be payable out of or constitute a charge on the said special tax, all pursuant to the provisions of Amendment 18, as amended and modified, to the Constitution of Alabama?

  • Vote: For/Against said proposed Mobile County Pay-As-You-Go Road, Bridge and Drainage Facilities bonds and the said proposed continued levy of the said special tax

What it means: If passed, the amendment will allow Pay-As-You-Go work to be completed within the City of Mobile including the :

  • Improvement of Zeigler Blvd. to allow traffic to increase to 20,000 daily moving from the rural and suburban parts of Mobile into the downtown area.
  • Widening of McGregor Ave. and constructing a new roundabout at Dauphin St.
  • Resurfacing Airport Blvd. from McGregor Ave. eastward to Western American Circle
  • Resurfacing of Hillcrest Rd. from Cottage Hill Rd. northward to Grelot Rd.

In the county area, projects include:

  • Extending the widening of Zeigler Blvd. from Schillinger Rd. to Tanner Williams Rd.
  • Widening McDonald Rd. from I-10 to Old Pascagoula Rd.
  • Building a new road to connect McDonald Rd. at Old Pascagoula Rd. to McFarland Rd. at Three Notch-Kroner Rd. This new road will allow traffic traveling down Snow Rd. and McFarland Rd. to have direct access to I-10.
  • Resurfacing Three Notch-Kroner Rd. from Dawes Rd. to McDonald Rd.
  • Resurfacing Padgett Switch Rd. from Half Mile Rd. to Hwy. 90.

In total 67.9 miles would be added or improved.

Sample ballot

Click out the Mobile County sample ballot: Front side | Back side

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