Understanding Etowah County special referendum: Sunday alcohol sales

Etowah County votes
[Photo Credit: Alabama Today via Element5 Digital from Pexels]

When Alabamians get to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6, voters in some counties will see local amendments and special referendums on the ballot.

Here’s a look at what some residents of Etowah County, outside of municipalities, will need to know about a special referendum they’ll see on the ballot:

On the ballot: SPECIAL REFERENDUM Pursuant to Act No. 2017-305 Do you favor the legal sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages outside the corporate limits of any municipality within the county on Sunday as further provided for and regulated by ordinance of the county commission?

  • Vote: Yes/No

What it means: If passed, the special referendum would allow the sale and distribution of alcohol on Sundays outside of the corporate limits of any county municipality.

The referendum is made possible by legislation sponsored last year by Gadsden-Republican, State Rep. Becky Nordgren that gave Etowah County municipalities the right to call for referendums on Sunday sales, and authorized the County Commission to do so in unincorporated areas.

Sample ballot

Click out the Etowah County sample ballot: Front side | Back side

Don’t live in Etowah County? Find your county’s sample ballot here.