Alabama just elected Kay Ivey, the state’s first-ever Republican woman Governor

[Photo Credit: Alabama Today]

Kay Ivey was elected the first-ever Republican woman governor of Alabama on Tuesday, besting her Democratic challenger Walt Maddox.

Ivey, who had been lieutenant governor, assumed the position of governor 19 months ago when former-Gov. Robert Bentley resigned amid a growing scandal following allegations he used state resources to cover up an affair he was having with one of his former aides. Tuesday marks the first time Ivey was elected to the position.

She gave the following remarks following her victory:

The people of Alabama have spoken loud and clear: we want to keep Alabama on the right track and keep Alabama working!

It is with immense gratitude that I stand before you tonight as the next Governor of Alabama. I am ever so grateful for your steadfast support, prayers and votes.

Together, we have made history: first Republican woman elected Governor, and this is the first time in our history that a Lieutenant Governor has become Governor and then won the election for a full term as Governor.

The odds were against me. Some said I would never make it across the finish line, while others claimed I was on my last breath. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! Not only did I finish, we finished very strong. And I am just now getting started!

Most of you have seen my tv spot about how “this is as close I will ever be”… dreams are possible in Alabama!

The last 19 months have been fast, challenging and rewarding. Working together, Alabama has achieved new heights. But we must not rest on our success.

With your help and support, I plan to replicate a proven model over the next four years…our best days are ahead of us.

I’ve always said I have one simple goal as a public servant. When I walk away, I want to leave things better than when I started. With your help, we will make Alabama a better place to raise a family, own a home, and create a business.

May God continue to bless each of you and the great State of Alabama!”