What they’re saying: Alabama politicians react to resignation of Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned from his post Wednesday, at the request of President Donald Trump, less than 24 hours after voters went to the polls in the midterm elections.

Politicians from across Alabama are reacting to the news:

Senator Richard ShelbySen. Richard Shelby:

Thank you to my good friend, Jeff Sessions, for over 40 years of noble service to Alabama and our country. Jeff was a respected colleague of mine in the Senate for two decades and represented our nation with honor as the U.S. Attorney General. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Bradley Byrne Official fraud1st District U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne:

I’ve known Jeff Sessions for almost four decades, and I applaud his dedicated service to Alabama and our country. I wish him and Mary nothing but the best. I’m confident President Trump will nominate an Attorney General who will continue to be strong on illegal immigration and work to enforce the rule of law in our country.

Martha Roby Official

2nd District U.S. Rep. Martha Roby:

I have always known Jeff Sessions to be a man of the highest integrity. I am grateful for his long career in service to the State of Alabama, and I appreciate his remarkable leadership as our country’s Attorney General. I wish him the very best in whatever endeavors follow.

Robert Aderholt Official4th District U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt:

Having served with Jeff Sessions in Congress, I can honestly say that he has always been someone who is of the utmost character and ability.  I know he worked every day to uphold the law in all fairness to everyone.  He has done great work enforcing our immigration laws, fighting gangs and opioid abuse and upholding religious liberties.  Jeff, and his wife Mary, have been good friends with Caroline and me.  We wish them the best in whatever is in store for them in the next chapter of their lives

Mo Brooks5th District U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks:

Jeff Sessions honorably and ably served as a United States Attorney, Alabama Attorney General, United States Senator, and U.S. Attorney General.  Throughout his long career of public service, Jeff’s deep love of country was evident in his unwavering devotion to upholding America’s foundational principles as enshrined in our Constitution. He served with integrity and dignity. I’m proud to have worked alongside him as both a prosecutor in Alabama and member of Congress.

I have been fortunate to know Jeff Sessions for a quarter of a century. As an elected official, Jeff Sessions never wavered in his fierce defense of the Rule of Law and America’s sovereign right to defend and secure its own borders. Jeff Sessions has made Alabama proud. I wish him the best as he embarks on his next journey.

Gary Palmer Official6th District U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer:

I have known Jeff Sessions for over three decades. When I met him, he was doing honorable service. In this Administration, his service was nothing less than honorable. I’m grateful for his service and friendship and wish him the best in the future.

terri-sewell7th District U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell:

Today’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions is an alarming reminder of the need for checks and balances. Here in Congress, we have a responsibility to protect special counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation into Russia’s interference in our democracy. Our elections were attacked, and the American people deserve all of the facts on what happened. If Attorney General Sessions was fired as a first step towards interfering in the Mueller investigation, then President Trump must be held accountable.

Steve Marshall_Alabama AG

Attorney General Steve Marshall:

During his time as U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions has been the standard-bearer for upholding the rule of law and fighting every day to make America safer.  He has been a vital partner to state attorneys general, and to me personally, in dealing with violent crime and in strengthening our efforts to combat America’s opioid crisis.  While his style was to work quietly behind the scenes, he made a powerful positive difference in rebuilding the confidence of prosecutors and law enforcement personnel across the nation—not just as U.S. Attorney General, but also as U.S. Senator and Alabama Attorney General. My staff and I will greatly miss Jeff’s leadership at the Department of Justice and we wish him all the best.


Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan:

A man of integrity, Jeff Sessions has led the Department of Justice with dignity and a firm commitment to the rule of law. His reputation as a dedicated public servant precedes his many years of honorable service to our nation.

From his time as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, Alabama Attorney General, U.S. Senator, to the 84th Attorney General of the United States, Alabamians have strongly supported Jeff Sessions.

…A true Alabama statesman, Jeff Sessions has been a warrior for President Trump’s conservative agenda. From enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, fighting opioid abuse to strongly supporting members of our law enforcement, Jeff Sessions has consistently made Alabama proud.

His service can be most accurately summed up in our state’s motto: ‘We dare defend our rights.’ Unwavering and resolute, our country needs more public servants like Jeff Sessions. We are blessed and are stronger because of his humble sacrifices through his lifetime of service to Alabama and America.