Failed Democrat candidate Danner Kline takes to social media in search of employment

[Photo Credit: Vote Danner Kline on Facebook]

He may not have seen victory on Election Day, but that’s not stopping one former House candidate from asking his could-have-been constituents for help in finding his next opportunity.

Former House candidate Danner Kline, an early leader of Alabama’s craft beer industry, resigned from his position as founder of Free the Hops to run against U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer in Alabama’s 6th District this election cycle. On Tuesday, he lost 69 to 31 percent. But by Thursday, Kline had taken to social media asking for help in finding a job.

“Hey y’all. I resigned from my job to put everything I had into my run for Congress, and we could really use my income again,” Kline posted on Facebook. “…But if you know of any opportunities, please let me know. I wasn’t able to put any time into a job search prior to the election because I was entirely focused on the task at hand.”

While many candidates wouldn’t think ask for help online, Kline’s no stranger to playing outside of the box. In 2004, his frustration with Alabama’s Prohibition-era regulations on beer prompted him to start Free The Hops, the grassroots organization that successfully lobbied to eliminate those regulations. These efforts allowed the brewing industry to thrive in the Yellowhammer State for the first time in a hundred years. In fact, there were no breweries in the state when Free The Hops began, but there are now over 25 with more on the way.

Read his full post below:

[Photo Credit: Danner Kline on Facebook]