Jim Zeigler: Critics hit Melania Trump for red theme in White House Christmas decor

White House Christmas
Topiary trees line the East colonnade in the White House, Nov. 26, 2018. [Photo Credit: AP Photo | Carolyn Kaster]

Jim ZeiglerIs nothing off-limits from the instant attacks by some national commentators?

Now, they are doing full-length hit pieces attacking First Lady Melania Trump for her Christmas décor inside the White House.

Their complaint? She used a red theme. Horrors, she had red Christmas trees.

I watched the video of FLOTUS showing her Christmas interior. It was breathtaking. Stunning. And yes, different.

Critics said the red was not appropriate. They said red means something different in Europe. Well, critics, we are the USA and not Europe.

RED and green are the colors of Christmas.

RED is for the shed blood of Jesus. Green is for His new life in resurrection and the new life anyone can have who accepts Jesus Christ.

Rudolph the RED-nose reindeer.

Santa wears a RED suit.

Christmas lights are RED, green and white.

Christmas Poinsettias bloom RED and white.

If you charge too much for Christmas, your account goes into the RED.

View the video of Mrs. Trump displaying her Christmas decor here. Do you agree with me that her work is appropriate, different and almost stunning?

The critics in this case are reminiscent of Ebenezer Scrooge, the cold-hearted miser who despised how others celebrated Christmas. But, unlike Scrooge, the Trump critics are not likely to have a change of heart and become generous and warm-hearted.


Jim Zeigler is the State Auditor of Alabama. He was previously an investigative reporter.