Petty or pragmatic? Jim Zeigler’s Montgomery parking passes pulled


State Auditor Jim Zeigler is on the move yet again. 

Zeigler received a notice Friday afternoon that his parking space was being eliminated effective Monday, Feb. 25. His staff have also had their spaces removed.

Zeigler says he had “no inkling that there was a move afoot to take my parking space and the spaces of my staff.”

“This precipitous action causes a serious problem for my operations. The legislature starts back March 5, and there will be no spaces available on the street,” Zeigler explained. “It was not a notice to move another location – just to get out. It was a one-way ticket – out. This was not a change of parking spaces but an ouster.”

Zeigler, who was not given any advance notice had no opportunity to find new spaces.

“We did not have the opportunity to find any new spaces by Monday,” Zeigler added. The state offices and commercial parking lots are closed over the weekend. Plus, our budget was cut over the last four years, and we do not have additional money for commercial parking lots.”

According to the notice, “these parking spaces can be assigned as appropriate by the Governor or her designee” though no official reason was given as to why Zeigler’s spots were among those recalled.

Alabama Today has reached out to Gov. Kay Ivey‘s office for further details, but have not heard back. We will update accordingly when they respond.

History of moves against Zeigler

Jim Zeigler moving
Jim Zeigler moving the offices of his staff after being evicted in 2018. [Contributed]

Zeigler’s pass removal is far from the first action seemingly taken against the State Auditor. It follows an April 2018 written notice from Legislative Council informing him he was being kicked out of the Alabama State House. He since found a new home for his auditors: the Alabama Ethics Commission.

Prior to that, the State Auditor’s budget was slashed twice during Gov. Robert-Bentley era budget cuts, down to 28.5 percent. His staff was cut in half from eleven employees to five and half.

“Despite all the cuts, we have remained current on our audits, but by the skin of our teeth. One more setback might put us below sea level,” Zeigler said.

Zeigler believes the parking situation has been mishandled.

“This parking space confiscation was totally mishandled,” he explained. The powers-that-be could have involved me in talking about the supposed need of others to the parking spaces of my staff. This was a total surprise attack. Someone obviously does not care what affect their surprise actions have on the State Auditor’s office. There were just enough other employees also affected for them to be able to say that it was not aimed at the State Auditor.”

Zeigler was re-elected in November for a second and final four-year term. He is now term limited.

View Zeigler’s parking notice below: