‘No gas tax’ rally brings dozens to State House

Alabama Gas Tax
[Photo Credit: Alabama Today]

Opponents of Gov. Kay Ivey‘s gas tax proposal rallied against the $300 million tax increase bill on Saturday that they say breaks the promises candidates just made to their constituents this past election cycle

Dozens of Alabamians showed up in protest on the steps of the State House in Montgomery including Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler who says one of the problems with the proposed gas tax increase is that it, “Has no expiration date.”

[Photo Credit: Alabama Today]

“It will be in perpetuity. If gas prices go up to $2.50 or $3.00 a gallon we still have to pay the tax or when Trump goes up after President Trump is gone it goes up to $5 a gallon we still have to pay it,” Zeigler explained according to the Alabama Political Reporter.

In January, Zeigler proposed a gas tax increase alternative dubbed “Plan Z,” which stands for “zero tax increases and zero congestion on our roads. Zeigler says Plan Z can provide about $900 million in new road construction funds from present revenues.

No gas tax rally
Conservative’s for Better Leadership President Apryl Marie Fogel [Photo Credit: Alabama Today]

Conservative’s for Better Leadership President Apryl Marie Fogel*

“We need to call all of our elected officials and tell them that we don’t want this,” Fogel said according to APR. “66 percent of the gas tax will go to the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT).

Fogel explained further that 25 percent of the taxes raised will go to counties, and only 8.5 will go to towns and cities.

No gas tax rally
[Photo Credit: Alabama Today]

“We need you. We need your neighbors. We need your Sunday school class” to call their legislators and the Speakers office and the Governor’s office and tell them to vote NO,” Fogel added.

Other speakers included North Alabama Tea Party Chairman Charles Orr, Retired Air Force Colonel Mike Parsons, Frank Dillman on behalf of the Alabama Libertarian Party.

Watch footage of the rally below:

The gas tax increase proposal

Last week, Ivey introduced the gas tax increase proposal as part of her Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan as a means to pay for infrastructure improvements.

“My Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan is a comprehensive approach to a glaring issue affecting citizens in every corner of the state,” Ivey said announcing her plan. “After 27 years of stagnation, adequate funding is imperative to fixing our many roads and bridges in dire need of repair. By increasing our investment in infrastructure, we are also making a direct investment in public safety, economic development, and the prosperity of our state.”

Editor’s note: Apryl Marie Fogel is also the publisher of Alabama Today.