ALGOP passes resolution against gas tax increase at their winter meeting


On Saturday, the Alabama Republican Party’s (ALGOP) state executive committee passed a resolution at their winter meeting that opposes raising the state gas tax, a plan Gov. Kay Ivey is expected to introduce soon.

The resolution stipulates the party reject[s] any increase to the current state fuel tax.”

Read the full resolution, as passed below:

Objection to the Increase in Gas Tax being considered by the Alabama Legislature 

Whereas, Alabamians are currently subject to a cumulative state and local tax burden consistent with surrounding states, and 

Whereas, arguments for additional tax on fuel, on the basis of statutory allocation to transportation infrastructure are compromised by the annual practice of diverting $63 million from the same fund; and 

Whereas, we agree that a current increase in the gas tax without reductions in the existing taxation revenue would be a move to increase the size and scope of government, redistribute income, and would violate the principles of our state and national Republican platforms;

Therefore, be it resolved, that we reject any increase to the current state fuel tax. 

Adopted, this the 23rd day of February, 2019 by the Alabama State Republican Executive Committee.

Submitted by Morgan County Executive Committee members: Tom Fredricks, Kim Mayfield, County Chairman Julie Clausen, Tom Willis, and Bill Lawrence Mike Parsons, Alabama Conservative Coalition (ACC)