Governor Kay Ivey’s appointments: Education related (Jan. – April 2019)

Kay Ivey Signing
Photo of signing. [Photo Credit: Governor's office]

We are pleased to be able to share with you Governor Kay Ivey’s Education appointments from January to April 2019. Her new communications team was incredibly responsive in sending us those she has appointed to boards, commissions and committees — we’re breaking them down categorically for you. We will be ticking off by board issues starting with healthcare then going into education, infrastructure, judiciary and local appointments then additional ones.

Please check back for additional appointments throughout the day.

Information on open board positions is on the appointments webpage.

Physical Fitness & Sports Commission (Made January 31)

  • Dr. Henry Williford

University of North Alabama Board of Trustees

  • Simpson Russell (Made February 7)
  • Joel Anderson (Made February 7)
  • Gary Smith (Made March 13)

Board of Cosmetology and Barbering

  • Michele Callahan-Alvis (Made February 15)
  • Jeannie Price (Made February 26)

Community College System Board of Trustees (Made February 15)

  • John Mitchell Sr.
  • Matthew Woods
  • Milton Davis, P.E.
  • Blake McAnally

Athens State University Board of Trustees (Made February 26)

  • William Dunnavant
  • Jim America

Early Intervention Interagency Coordinating Council (Made February 26)

  • Julie Carroll

University of South Alabama Board of Trustees (Made February 26)

  • Captain Robert Jenkins
  • Michael Windom
  • Kenneth Simon
  • Katherine Alexis Atkins
  • Chandra Brown Stewart

Athlete Agents Commission (Made February 26)

  • Dr. Jared White

Institute for Deaf and Blind Board of Trustees (Made March 13)

  • Robert Kelly
  • Richard Kemmer
  • Terry Dunn
  • M.P. Greene, Jr.

Board of Examiners in Psychology (Made March 13)

  • Dr. Edwin Cook, III

Education Television Commission 

  • Dr. Douglas Ragland (Made March 19)
  • Ferris Stephens (Made March 27)

Space Science Exhibit Commission (Made March 27)

  • Wes Kelley
  • Race Cannon

Commission on Higher Education (Made March 27)

  • Dr. Larry Turner

Course of Study: Career and Technical Education (Made March 27)

  • Sydney Raine
  • Ryan Richards
  • Sandra Langley
  • David Duncan
  • Russell Johnson
  • Jamia Alexander Williams
  • Donald Jones

Jacksonville State University Board of Trustees (Made April 02)

  • Tony Smoke

Firefighters’ Personnel Standards and Education Commission(Made April 12)

  • Chief Gary Sparks

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Board (Made April 12)

  • Gudrun Pechtold
  • Brad Newman
  • Robyn Snellgrove
  • Jeff McClure