Governor Kay Ivey’s appointments: Agriculture and Natural Resources related (Jan. – April 2019)


As a part of our ongoing efforts to catch up on appointments we are pleased to present Governor Kay Ivey’s Agriculture/Resources appointments from January to April. If you missed the others you can find the education appointments here, healthcare related ones here, and our latest post on judicial and criminal boards and commissions here.

Please check back for additional appointments. 

Information on open board positions is on the appointments webpage.

Board of Registration for Foresters (Made January 11)

  • Victoria Lockhart

Southern States Energy (Made January 31)

  • Senator Clyde Chambliss

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Made January 31)

  • Dickie Ferguson

Agriculture and Conservation Development Commission (Made February 26)

  • Dr. Carol Knight
  • Patty Lambrecht
  • Sue Gaines
  • Rick Oates

Water Resource Commission (Made February 26)

  • Phillip Saunders
  • Senator Melson
  • Sam Givhan
  • Kathy Horne
  • Thomas Adams
  • Patty Lambrecht

Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (Made March 13)

  • Chris Nelson

Agriculture and Industries (Made March 13)

  • Carnell McAlpine
  • Franke Speake
  • Willis Floyd Cook, Jr.
  • Hezekiah Early, Jr.
  • Dr. William Powell, III
  • Joseph Harris
  • Dennis Maze

Elk River Development Agency Board of Directors  (Made March 13)

  • Mark Johnson
  • Mayor Tracy Compton
  • Mayor Richard Herston

Board of Examiners of Mine Personnel(Made March 27)

  • Harold Sickles, Jr.

Red Mountain Greenway and Recreational Area Commission(Made March 27)

  • Former Representative Paul John DeMarco
  • Armand DeKeyser

Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority(Made March 27)

  • Martha Stokes
  • James Lewis
  • Baker Allen
  • Donald Waldon
  • Horace Horn
  • Anna Lure McKibbens

State Forestry Commission(Made April 12)

  • Jane Trotter Russell
  • Robert Sharp