Mobile County Treasurer Phil Benson doubles down on homosexual slurs, gets national attention

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The White House [Photo Credit: AP Photo | Evan Vucci]

Mobile County Treasurer Phil Benson is garnering national attention for comments made on Facebook. 

According to an NBC15 story, “Benson’s Facebook comment was made on the Mobile County Republican Party Facebook page. The group shared a National Review article on June 12th about a cake shop owner who was sued again for refusing to make a gender transition cake.”

Benson commented, “This poor guy needs to move to a place he is wanted. Freaking queers have gotten too much sympathy. A real abomination.”

He gave an interview to NBC15’s Andrea Ramey. According to news station, Benson asked Ramey to sit down in his office and read chapter 19 in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, which is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. .

“Do you understand, though, how your words can be offensive to gay people or to anybody?” asked Ramey.

“And gay people are offensive to me. Do you understand that?” replied Benson.

“All gay people, just because they’re gay, are offensive to you?” asked Ramey.

“They can be very offensive. All this beautiful rainbow stuff. When one of our presidents lit the White House with wonderful rainbow colors that offended me,” replied Benson.

“Do you have any apologies for anyone?” asked Ramey. “People who we have spoken with in the LGBTQ community say this is really offensive and are offended by what you said.”

“I’m sorry they are offended. Their lifestyle offends me,” replied Benson.

“So you stand by what you say?” asked Ramey.

“Do they offend me? Do I think that they have gotten too much power over you and I? Yes. I think too many sub groups have gotten too much control over us through the government,” replied Benson.

Benson was elected as a Republican. Alabama GOP chair Terry Lathan says Benson’s comments are divisive and represent only his opinion.