Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth’s appointments: Agriculture and Natural Resources related (January 2019 – July 2019)


We are please to present Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth’s agriculture and natural resources related appointments from January to July. Additional appointments in judicial and criminal justice, education and child welfare, It/infrastructure and healthcare are to follow.

Alabama Forever Wild Land Trust Board (Made January 23)

·       Dr. Salem Saloom

Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board (Made January 29)

·       Dr. Kevin White

·       Michael Dansby

Energy Council

·       Senator Steve Livingston (Made February 08)

·       Senator Randy Price (Made February 08)

·       Senator Clay Scofield (Made February 08)

·       Senator David Sessions (Made February 08)

·       Senator Jack Williams (Made May 07)

·       Senator Bill Beasley (Made May 07)

Joint Legislative Committee on State Parks (Made February 12)

·       Senator Andrew Jones

·       Senator Bill Beasley

Southern States Energy Board (Made February 19)

·       Senator Tom Whatley

Alabama Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Water Policy and Management (Made February 20)

·       Senator Andrew Jones

·       Senator Bill Beasley

Permanent Joint Legislative Committee on Energy Policy (Made February 20)

·       Senator David Sessions

Alabama Water Resources Commission (Made March 04)

·       Steve Forehand

·       Bill Henderson

Nuclear Energy Activities and Hazardous Chemical Toxic Waste Oversight Committee (Made March 20)

·       Senator Jabo Waggoner

·       Senator Bobby Singleton

·       Senator Steve Livingston

Alabama Trails Commission (Made March 11)

·       Senator Cam Ward

·       Senator Clay Scofield

Chemical Testing Training and Equipment Trust Fund Advisory Board (Made April 03)

·       Senator Tom Whatley

Alabama Agricultural and Conservation Development Commission (Made April 11)

·       Senator Clay Schofield

·       Senator Greg Albritton

Alabama Oil and Gas Study Committee (Made April 24)

·       Senator Greg Albritton

·       Senator Chris Elliot

·       Senator Greg Reed