Jim Zeigler starts No Tolls PAC as fight heats up

Jim Zeigler
[Photo via Jim Zeigler on Facebook]

Grassroots opposition to the proposed Mobile Bayway Toll continues to gain strength. The effort which boasts tens of thousands of people joining a Facebook Group created for by Jim Zeigler has shown up at meetings, written Governor Kay Ivey’s office, and most recently filed all of the necessary paperwork with the Secretary of State to start the No Toll PAC

The PAC’s GoFundMe page has raised almost $1,700 in 3 days but the potential for having a coordinated outlet is staggering. If even just 50% of the Facebook users gave $10 that would be $242,205 which could go to the efforts intended goal to stop the toll road by bringing attention to the financial hardships it would cause to families living in the area. 

In a written statement to Alabama Today the PAC’s founder, State Auditor Jim Zeigler said, “We decided to form the ‘No Tolls PAC’ after meeting with legal counsel for the Secretary of State’s office.  The PAC will be transparent.  Donations and expenditures will be reported each month to the Fair Campaign Practices site.  They will be visible to our members – and to anyone – online.”

He went on to describe the power of grassroots opposition saying, “Our Facebook page has been successful in a short period.  We went from one member on May 12 – me – to 48,000 now.  We will pass 50,000 members next week.  There are two reasons.  One, the I-10 toll scheme will have a devastating effect on thousands of families.  People are passionate against the toll scheme.  Two, we have great leadership organizing our toll opposition group.”

Ziegler stressed that, “The toll issue is the hottest and most concerning issue I have ever participated in.  People on Alabama’s Coast mostly know that.  People in the rest of Alabama will know it soon, because tolls are ALDOT’s new tax of the future.

We have a viable plan to defeat the toll scheme.  If we had not started this opposition group, it was a done deal.  Even now, we are fighting uphill.  We can win because it is a horrid plan and the people are on our side.”

For those who don’t have money to give he says there’s more you can do to stay involved, “People can help by joining our Facebook group, encouraging their friends to join, donating to our PAC and praying.”